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Closes 3 Feb 2023

Opened 21 Sep 2022


The Royal Commission into the Robodebt scheme is accepting submissions from members of the public. You can make a submission to the Royal Commission by using the form at the end of this page. Alternatively, you can make your submission via phone, email, or with a paper form.

Further details regarding the submission process can be found on the Royal Commission website.

The Royal Commission will continue to accept submissions until 3 February 2023.

Making a submission

The terms of reference for the Royal Commission can be read on the Letters Patent.

It is important to read the terms of reference for the Royal Commission before making your submission to make sure you understand its scope.

The Royal Commission has not been established to examine complaints about Centrelink programs generally. It is only concerned with matters relating to the debt assessment and recovery scheme known as Robodebt, under which current and former recipients of benefits were required to respond to alleged discrepancies between their reported earnings and Australian Taxation Office income data. (The scheme took different forms, with pilot programs in 2015, Online Compliance Intervention from mid-2016, Employment Income Confirmation from February 2017 and Check and Update Past Income from September 2018.) The Commission cannot investigate other programs which have been or are being managed by the Commonwealth government.

The Royal Commission cannot resolve individual disputes. It cannot fix or award compensation or make orders requiring a party to a dispute to take or not take any action.

A submission to the Commission may attract the protections of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013, depending on the circumstances. It is recommended that any person who seeks to obtain the protections of that Act obtain independent legal advice on that question.

How to complete the form

The Royal Commission is using one form for all submissions. It is designed to capture information that is relevant to the work of the Royal Commission and that falls within its terms of reference.

A paper version of the online submission form is available for use by people who cannot complete it online or download it from the Royal Commission's website. Details of how it can be obtained appear below.

Not all of the questions on the form will be relevant to every person or entity making a submission. If any of the questions are not relevant to you, please leave the space blank or insert the words ‘not applicable’.

Completing as much of the form as is relevant to you will assist the Royal Commission to identify issues and trends. Your assistance in this regard is very much appreciated.

The form also enables you to provide the Royal Commission with other comments, including your views on what changes you would like the Royal Commission to recommend.

Thank you

It is not possible for the Royal Commission to follow up every submission it receives. However, every submission will be recorded and reviewed. The Commission thanks you for making a submission, and for assisting the Commission with its work.